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Putting the pieces together

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Put the pieces of your relationship back together

Get to the root of the problems in your relationship with couples and marriage counseling. Therapy sessions will offer effective solutions for your problems and help your rebuild. Scott Hupfer MS LMFT offers complete couples services, including: premarital counseling and communication enhancement.

Rebuild your marriage or relationship

  • Premarital counseling

  • Relationship repair

  • Divorce preparation

  • Divorce care

  • Communication enhancement

Take the extra step to saving your marriage

Before making the decision to end a marriage in divorce, make a final attempt to save it by scheduling counseling sessions. Through therapy you will try to mend the relationship, but if divorce is inevitable, you may benefit from divorce preparation sessions.

Contact the practice today to set up a counseling session for you and your partner.


Focus on therapy methods that work

Talking through existing problems isn't always the most effective method in repairing relationships. Scott Hupfer MS LMFT focuses on therapy methods that work, including: conflict resolution treatment, solution-based treatment, and experiential therapy.

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